Indie/Alternative Pop-Rock/Fusion, Modern Vintage

From South America’s very heart, Vertical Ocean offers a tasteful deep and balanced fusion of rock and pop’s vintage and modern elements of all times. The sheer energy in the songs can be felt through powerful riffs and memorable melodies, and make this alternative rock band hardly go unnoticed.


On this year, the band will release their full debut album “Land of Desire”, following their homonymous 2012 6-songs EP.

Both releases have their lyrics entirely in English.


The current line-up of the project is with Gustavo Gómez Witt –vocals and guitars-, Jose Witt –Drums and percussion-,

Yan Elmar –guitars and backing vocals- and Ariel Costantini –Bass and backing vocals.


The band has already performed on a number of concerts and festivals, is already a recognized act in their home country, and are known for being in constant artistic evolution, a byproduct of the creative restlessness and dynamic of the members, always in the pursuit of achieving and maintaining high quality standards both live and in the studio.